Friday , May 26 2017

How to say ‘also’ and ‘too’ in Egyptian Arabic

Today you’re going to hear how to say also and too in Egyptian Arabic.

New words:

  • Also
  • Too

Sample sentences:

  • I work and I study too.
  • I have a car and also a bike.

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This content was contributed by a native Arabic speaker of Egypt and produced by Talk In

We acknowledge that there are often more ways to say one thing and this content is not meant to be a comprehensive grammar or phrasebook. As Talk In aims to be a community-driven site, we welcome all revisions and contributions to its content.

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  1. I always thought it was برضو rather than بردو as shown in the PDF. Would this be individual and/or dialectal variation, or perhaps is this a case of the emphatic and non-emphatic consonants being neutralized because of emphasis spreading triggered by the /r/?

    • You’ll find it written both ways, Bernie.

      As you say because of the /r/ it’s difficult to make a distinction between ض and د when hearing it. There’s always going to be a bit of flexibility like this when native speakers write their spoken dialects rather than standard.

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