Tuesday , February 21 2017

How to talk about past actions in Levantine Arabic

Today you’re going to hear how to talk about past actions in Levantine Arabic.

Sample sentences:

  • I went.
  • You ran.
  • You (plural) slept.
  • She came.
  • He spoke.
  • We saw.
  • They knew.

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This content was contributed by a native Arabic speaker of Jordan and produced by Talk In Arabic.com.

We acknowledge that there are often more ways to say one thing and this free content is not meant to be a comprehensive grammar or phrasebook. As Talk In Arabic.com aims to be a community-driven site, we welcome all revisions and contributions to its content.

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  1. It would be helpful to provide all the conjugations (I, you, he, they etc.) for each verb, not just one for each. It would also be helpful to explain any rules for past tense conjugations if there are any.

  2. I agree with nicole . I find this lesson quite useless , why should i be interested in learning how to say “i went” without even knowing how to say “he went” ? In my humble opinion you should focus more on the listening part ( Faust series is extremely good) , since these kind of lessons do not provide any significant information for an absolute beginner and they are too easy for someone who already speaks a little bit.

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