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Intentions In Arabic

Talking about your intentions (نية) in spoken Arabic

The easiest and most common way to talk about intentional actions is to use the word want (as you would in English).

For example in the case of Egyptian:

انا عايز

or (past tense):

كنت عايز + verb

Or you could use a past + future construction to indicate a previous intention (I was going to).

كنت +  ها

Of course you could just use the word that literally means intend/intention:

انا ناوي + verb (present active)

I intend to...

انا نويت + verb (past tense)

I intended to...

The noun for intention (نية) can also be used.

كان في نيتي + verb

It was my intention to... (literally it was in my intention)

نيتي + verb

My intention is to...

Little changes like this to the way you speak make a huge difference in the way you sound to other people.

Reaching higher levels in any foreign language is about being creative and expressive in the way you say ordinary things.


Can you suggest other ways to say the same thing in the dialect you're learning?

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