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Babylone – L’hmam With Lyrics (Algerian Dialect)

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Here's another great Algerian song called L'hmam by Babylone.

Full song and album are on iTunes here.



لما ريت الزين ماشي بحدايا

When I saw the beauty walking beside me

خفت اناديلو ما يجيش معايا

I was afraid that I may call it but it refuse to come with me

يا حمام ونسني اتبسم معايا

Oh dove, talk to me, smile with me

جلدك فراشي، ريشك غطايا

Your skin is my bed, your feather is my cover

كي نتفكر ايامي، كي كنت بحدايا

When I remember my days when you were beside me

لقمر باهي قدامي والشمس ورايا

The beautiful moon is in front of me and the sun is behide me

نار الوحش راه حامي فقلبي ضواية

The fire of longing is hot, lighting my heart

يا اللي سلبتي منامي بقصص وحكايا

You who took away my sleep with stories

وعلاش عليك ياحمام

?Why are you doing that, dove

وعلاش عليك وين راها ليام (x2)

?Why are you doing that? Where are the days

كي سمعت صوتك لحنين تلفت ورايا

When I heard your generous voice, I turned around

تمنيت نشوف خيالك تطير في سمايا

I wished to see your silhouette flying in my sky

آه يا طير الزين غربت عليا

Oh beautiful bird, you’ve been away so long

كي تتوحشني أرواح طل عليا

When you miss me, come and visit me

كنت معايا في أمان

You were safe with me

نعلم فيك في الدنيا

I teach you about life

خسرت عليك شحال من تخمام

I spent a lot of effort thinking about you

كية زادت كية

A misery brings another misery

غواك الزين الزهو ولا المال علمني في الحكاية

Was it beauty that seduced you, fun, or money, tell me the story

ولا طوالو الجنحان؟ علاش يا ناقص نية

Or have the wings grown too big? Why are you unfaithful?


Full song and album are on iTunes here.

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