Tuesday , February 21 2017

How to talk about present actions in Sudanese Arabic

Today you’re going to hear how to talk about present actions in Sudanese Arabic.

Important Note: Each native speaker has given a sample of exactly how they would speak in real life when talking about a present action. What this means is that this is not a list of simple present conjugated verbs but rather may contain a combination of simple present, active participle and present habitual verb forms.

It’s important to learn verbs the way they’re naturally used in context rather than from memorized conjugation tables.

Sample sentences:

  • I'm going.
  • You're (m.) running.
  • You're (f.) running.
  • You're (plural) sleeping.
  • She's coming.
  • He's speaking.
  • We're seeing.
  • They're knowing.

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This content was contributed by a native Arabic speaker of Sudan and produced by Talk In Arabic.com.

We acknowledge that there are often more ways to say one thing and this free content is not meant to be a comprehensive grammar or phrasebook. As Talk In Arabic.com aims to be a community-driven site, we welcome all revisions and contributions to its content.

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