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My name's Donovan and I'm a learner of Arabic just like yourself.

I started learning Arabic 12 years ago and as you may have experienced yourself already, it always frustrated me that there was so much confusion about Arabic dialects and a serious lack of good resources for learning them.

Even after all these years it still isn’t easy to find good quality learning material for spoken Arabic dialects.

I believe Arabic is one of the most neglected major languages in the world when it comes to resources.

So… after many years I've teamed up with native Arabic speakers here in the Middle East to help me create the only website that deals exclusively with providing relevant, frequently-updated material for colloquial Arabic dialects – all (or at least most) of them.

How this site works:

You can access both paid and free content here on this site currently in 8 different dialects of Arabic.

This content is expanded on and improved every week so there's always fresh material available.

Some of the listening material is freely available to you even if you decide that you don’t want to become a paying member of TalkInArabic.com.

Here's a small sample of the hundreds of audio files in a range of dialects you can listen to free of charge:

In addition to this, there are much higher quality audio and video posts that contain material which is exclusive to premium members.

Members will have access to extra features enabling them to download high quality MP3 files, written transcripts and lesson notes:

The content of most recordings present high-frequency terms and expressions with sample sentences and are shown to you exactly as they’re naturally used by people in their everyday lives.

They’re not straight out of a textbook, they’re rarely literal translations and you’ll find that they often contain slang and local idiomatic expressions.

I believe this is one of the things that sets TalkInArabic.com apart from anything else you’ve ever seen – it’s not about what the textbook says but rather how real people naturally speak to each other in real life.

In addition to audio recordings, members can watch HD quality video of native Arabic speakers using their local dialects to talk about a range of interesting, cultural topics.

Every video has an option to switch back and forth between English and Arabic subtitles to make it easy to study what's being said.

Here are some short snippets:

TalkInArabic.com aims to help you by:

  • Becoming the most useful and relevant community-driven database of spoken dialect material for Arabic learners ever made, providing convenient, bite-size content that focuses 100% on natural speaking and listening skills in all major (and some minor) dialects.
  • Presenting language content as it’s used in real life by real people. The words and expressions used in all of the recordings are spoken as they’re spoken in reality – not according to the textbooks.
  • Avoiding confusing, discouraging and boring grammar explanations wherever possible.
  • Getting straight to the point by answering “How do I say…?” questions for many specific Arabic dialects. The audio and the additional transcript files make it easy for you to get the answer you need immediately. You’re also able to compare many of them to the way they’re said in other dialects to become familiar with the differences or to help you decide on which dialect you want to learn.
  • Covering content that’s useful and relevant to learners of all levels. Where we can, we record both short, bitesize recordings and longer, advanced topic discussions and videos that are useful to everyone.
  • Providing a unique, practical blog contributed to by learners of Arabic at different levels.
  • Hosting a forum that’s moderated by native speakers where learners like yourself can meet and engage with other learners.

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