Monday , January 23 2017
Talk In Arabic Work

Are you a native speaker of Arabic? Join our team!

We're hiring!

Want to be a part of what we're doing at

We're looking for speakers of all Arabic dialects to help make this site even better and more useful for Arabic learners.

Are you passionate about sharing your language with the world?

We want to talk to you!

If you are:

  • native Arabic speaker born in the Arabic-speaking world (and preferably still living there)
  • Have outstanding English skills (speaking and writing)
  • Have a background in education or linguistics
  • Are highly creative and extremely reliable
  • Can devote minimum 10 hours per week to online work

Then please use the form below to express your interest.

Extra preference given to people who can:

  • Record high quality video and/or audio
  • Use video and/or audio editing software

Fill in the form below to express your interest and we will contact you soon with more instructions.


About Talk In Arabic

The largest and most rapidly growing, community-driven database of spoken dialect material for Arabic learners online.

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  1. Thanks for that , I am Native Arabic speaker , I hope enjoying your team and this is my email

  2. Hello,
    Is there still an opportunity to join your team?
    I am a native Arabic speaker, I speak English and Russian too.

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