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How to say ‘about’ or ‘approximately’ in Egyptian Arabic

15 November 2015
Talk In Arabic

Today you’re going to learn how to say about or approximately in colloquial Egyptian Arabic.

New words:

  • About/approximately

Sample sentences:

  • I have about $100.
  • I’ll see you at about six o’clock.
  • It’s about 50 miles from here.
حوالي, على, تقريبا
The dollar is about 5 pounds
الدولار بخمسة جنية تقريبا
It's (about) not the next street but the one after it
تقريبا مش الشارع اللي جاي ده بس اللي بعده

One kilogram of tomatos is about 5 pounds
كيلو طماطم بحوالي خمسة جنية
Yesterday I arrived at about 5 o'clock
امبارح انا وصلت حوالي الساعة خمسة
I'll head over to you tomorrow at about 10 (o'clock)
انا هاعدي عليك بكرا على عشرة

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