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How to say ‘also’ and ‘too’ in Egyptian Arabic

23 October 2015
Talk In Arabic

Today you’re going to hear how to say also and too in Egyptian Arabic.

New words:

  • Also
  • Too

Sample sentences:

  • I work and I study too.
  • I have a car and also a bike.
Also / too
Also / too
Did you also travel to Iraq?
انت برضو سفرت العراق؟

I like Shakira too
و انا كمان بحب شاكيرا
Do you also believe what you heard?
انت برضو مصدق اللي انت سمعته؟
I like watermelon and apple too.
انا بحب البطيخ و تفاح كمان

I like honeydew melon and also cantaloupe.
انا بحب الشمام و كمان الكنتلوب
  • Bernie

    I always thought it was برضو rather than بردو as shown in the PDF. Would this be individual and/or dialectal variation, or perhaps is this a case of the emphatic and non-emphatic consonants being neutralized because of emphasis spreading triggered by the /r/?

    • Talk In Arabic

      You’ll find it written both ways, Bernie.

      As you say because of the /r/ it’s difficult to make a distinction between ض and د when hearing it. There’s always going to be a bit of flexibility like this when native speakers write their spoken dialects rather than standard.