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How to say ‘I think’ in Levantine Arabic

14 September 2014
Talk In Arabic

Today you’re going to hear how to say I think in Levantine Arabic.

New words:

  • I think

Sample sentences:

  • I think I’ll go to sleep now
  • I think you’ll fail your exam
  • I think it’ll rain tomorrow
  • Jemmina Hingston

    Hi there,
    I thought I learnt that “I think’ was ‘bafakkir’ while living in Palestine. 
    The lesson here says that a Palestinian would say ‘athun’. Are these both correct? Or is one more correct than the other?

    • Talk In Arabic

      There are several ways to say this actually.

      Both of these essentially mean the same thing (so equally correct) but with slightly different nuances just as in English. “اظن” could be translated as ‘I suppose/reckon’. “افكر” is literally ‘I think’.