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How to say ‘never’, ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ and ‘always’ in Levantine Arabic


Today you’re going to learn how to use four adverbs of frequency in colloquial Levantine Arabic.

New words:

  • Never (at all) 
  • Sometimes
  • Often 
  • Always

Pay close attention to the word placement in the sentence. There is some flexibility when it comes to placement of adverbs of frequency but for now try to just focus on the way it’s used by the native speaker in the sample sentences.

Sample sentences:

  • I never eat pork (at all).
  • Sometimes I go swimming.
  • I often call my mother.
  • I always go to the cinema.
  • Eva


    I like very much your idea and i’d like to learn levantine dialect, but more precisely lebanese, but i see that until now there are very few lebanese speakers. Will that change? Because if so, i’d consider becoming a premium member 🙂

    PS: sorry for my english, i’m not native speaker.

    • Talk In Arabic

      Hi Eva,

      We have loads of Lebanese content that we’re still in the process of editing and uploading. Should be more up soon 🙂

  • Jonas Winbäck
    Free Member


    In the sentence “dayman baru7 3a-sinema”, what does the b-prefix in the verb signify? I got the verb package and the present tense “I” there is aroo7 / أروح. I haven’t been able to find a good answer. 🙂

    • Lina Ob

      Hi Jonas 🙂

      Normally, verbs start with Alef in Fusha, but in Ammiya, we add b-. However, this b- is removed when there are certain words before the verb, such as:
      بدي، ممكن، بحب، رح

      • Jonas Winbäck
        Free Member

        Thanks for the reply, Lina!