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How to say ‘very’, ‘not very’ and ‘not at all’ in Egyptian Arabic

07 December 2015
Talk In Arabic

In this lesson you’re going to hear how to say verynot very and not at all in Egyptian Arabic.

New words:

  • Very
  • Not very
  • Not at all

Sample sentences:

  • I’m not very handsome.
  • The computer’s very expensive.
  • She’s not beautiful at all.
Very / Really
Not very / really
مش قوي
Not at all

I really love sushi
انا بحب السوشي جدا
I really love to go to the sea
انا بحب اروح البحر جدا
I like kunafa but not very much
انا بحب الكنافة بس مش قوي

I like the gym but not very much
انا ليا في الجم بس مش قوي
I don't like the music at all
انا مش بحب المزيكا خالص
I don't eat pastirma at all
انا مش باكل بسطرمة خالص