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How to say ‘very’, ‘not very’ and ‘not at all’ in Iraqi Arabic

06 December 2015
Talk In Arabic

Today you’re going to hear one way to say verynot very and not at all in Iraqi Arabic.

New words:

  • Very
  • Not very
  • Not at all

Sample sentences:

  • I’m not very handsome.
  • The computer’s very expensive.
  • She’s not beautiful at all.
Not very
مو كلش
Not at all
ابد مو

I'm very happy
اني كلش فرحان
They are very late
هما كلش متاخرين
The homework is not very difficult
الواجب مو كلش صعب

I'm not very busy
اني مو كلش مشغول
I'm not hungry at all
اني ابد مو جوعان
He's not reliable at all
هو ابد مو مالو احد يعتمد عليه