Arabic Numbers: How To Count In Arabic (All Dialects)

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Numbers (numerals) in Arabic are actually quite simple but they do differ slightly between various spoken dialects (some more than others).

Here's how to count from 1 - 10 in Arabic (cardinal numbers).


Learn the Arabic numbers from 1 - 10 (Modern Standard Arabic)

# English Arabic Transliteration
٠ 0 صفر Sifr
١ 1 واحد wa7id
٢ 2 إثنان ithnan
٣ 3 ثلاثة thalatha
٤ 4 أربعة arba3
٥ 5 خمسة 5amsa
٦ 6 ستة sitta
٧ 7 سبعة saba3
٨ 8 ثمانية thamanya
٩ 9 تسعة tisa3
١٠ 10 عشرة 3ashara


Learn the Arabic numbers from 1 - 10 (Other Dialects)

For the most part, these numbers are the same but there some slight differences.

٠ صفر صفر صفر صفر صفر صفر صفر
١ واحد واحد واحد واحد واحد واحد واحد
٢ اتنين اتنين ‫اثنين‬ ‫ثنين‬ اتنين اتنين ‫زوج‬
٣ تلاتة تلاتة ‫ثلثة‬ ‫ثلثة‬ تلاتة تلاتة تلاتة
٤ أربعة أربعة ‫اربعة‬ أربعة أربعة أربعة ‫ربعة‬
٥ خمسة خمسة خمسة خمسة خمسة خمسة خمسة
٦ ستة ستة ستة ستة ستة ستة ستة
٧ سبعة سبعة سبعة سبعة سبعة سبعة سبعة
٨ تمانية تمانية ‫ثمانية‬ ‫ثمانية‬ تمانية تمانية تمانية
٩ تسعة تسعة تسعة تسعة تسعة تسعة تسعود
١٠ عشرة عشرة عشرة عشرة عشرة عشرة عشرة

How they sound:







Maghrebi (Moroccan / Algerian):

Interesting facts about Arabic numbers and numerals

Most of us in the English-speaking world learned to read and write Roman numerals in school (e.g. I, II, III, IV, V).

While the Roman numerals are still used for various purposes, the numerals that are used and understood universally now are in fact called Hindu-Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

The origin of these numerals goes back centuries to India.

You'll notice that the Arabic numerals are different (but bear some slight resemblance to what we use).

That's because they share the same early origin but had a divergence and eventually became known as Eastern Arabic numerals (e.g. ٥, ٤, ٣, ٢, ١). These are the numerals used today all throughout the Arabic-speaking world.

Although Arabic is written from right-to-left, the numerals are written from left-to-right.


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