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March 2017 Update: Brand New Site Coming Soon

3 March 2017

We recently signed a contract with some high-end designers and developers to give a brand new look and to respond to feedback.

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Want Books To Learn Spoken Arabic? Here Are The Best

29 September 2016

Today we’re going to share what we believe to be some of the highest quality books available on the market for spoken Arabic.


Babylone – L’hmam With Lyrics (Algerian Dialect)

23 June 2016

Here’s an amazing and very popular Algerian song called L’hmam by a group called Babylone.

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Are you a native speaker of Arabic? Join our team!

11 June 2016

We’re hiring! Want to be a part of what we’re doing at


5 Great Reasons To Start Learning Arabic

13 April 2016

Here are just a few reasons why you should start learning Arabic if you’re still sitting on the fence about it.

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Algerian Arabic Song: Babylone – Zina With Lyrics

2 March 2016

Here’s an amazing and very popular Algerian song called Zina by a group called Babylone.


Promise Me – Saad Lamjarred (Moroccan Arabic)

24 October 2015

Here’s a popular Moroccan song called Promise Me (Wa3dini) by Saad Lamjarred.

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How To Make Samboosa – Recipe in Saudi Arabic

8 September 2015

Here’s a recipe for making Samboosa, spoken in Saudi/Hijazi Arabic with English transcripts.

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Top 5 Unusual Facts About Language (spoken in Saudi Arabic)

9 June 2015

This is promo clip about strange language facts spoken in the Saudi (Hijazi) dialect. Did you know that Arabs have so many words for camels? 🙂

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Autostrad – I have tomorrow off (Ana Bukra M3attel)

26 May 2015

This is a fun little upbeat (and very repetitive!) song called Ana Bukra M3attel (انا بكره معطل).

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Hallucinations – (هلوسات – كذبك حلو) Your lies are nice

20 May 2015

This is an episode from a Jordanian cartoon series called Hallucinations (هلوسات).


Saudi cartoon “Masameer” (مسامير)

7 May 2015

This is a clip from an animated Youtube series known as ”Masameer” “مسامير”. In Arabic the literal translation means nails/fasteners.

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