Finally! Now you can learn Arabic exactly the way that it's spoken by people across the Middle East and North Africa...


There are two problems every Arabic learner has to face:

'Arabic is one of the most neglected major languages in the world when it comes to high quality resources.'

Talk In Arabic learners

1. Which Arabic?

Most courses and online resources (including retail giants like Rosetta Stone) are designed to teach you Modern Standard Arabic, a literary language that no person anywhere on the planet speaks as a first, native language.

2. Where are the resources?

Good quality resources for spoken Arabic can be very difficult or even impossible to find.

This makes learning Arabic much more challenging to learn than it should be and it causes many learners to give up.

We've teamed up with native Arabic speakers across the Middle East to solve these problems by creating the only comprehensive site that's dedicated to teaching all varieties of spoken Arabic.

In order to make this happen, we've gathered some incredible people from around the Arab world; people who are passionate about the Arabic language.

With a combination of years of linguistics research and experience with the Arabic language, coupled with the creativity and passion of native Arabic speakers from 8 different countries, we've done something never attempted before.

We've successfully produced a groundbreaking resource that we know you're going to love.

“Talk in Arabic is the best I've come across for learners who want to branch off the academic side of learning Arabic and get more hands-on with how people actually speak.”


Benny Lewis
Author of the International Bestseller "Fluent in 3 Months"

There's no resource for spoken Arabic like this anywhere else. dashboard

Here at we provide you with an ever-expanding collection of lessons, modules and HD videos in natural Arabic, produced by native speakers from 8 different Arabic-speaking countries.

We cover all major varieties to eliminate your confusion and equip you to communicate everywhere you go in the Arab world.

Our content is also expanded on and improved regularly so there's always fresh material available for you.

You'll learn common terms and expressions exactly as they’re naturally used by native Arabic speakers. We give you the language that's spoken by real people including local slang that you won't find in any course or textbook.

This content will drastically improve your fluency and Arabic listening comprehension skills.

We've got what you need to start speaking fluent Arabic.

Most Dialects Covered

Moroccan, Algerian, Egyptian, Levantine, Iraqi, Tunisian, Saudi and Sudanese

100% Natural Recordings

Naturally spoken video and audio material that reflects the way language is used in real life.

Transcripts And Subtitles

Video and audio are always accompanied by written transcripts and subtitles. No more confusion!

HD Video And MP3's

Download high quality MP3’s for your listening devices and watch HD video of native speakers from across the Arab world.

Learn To Speak Arabic Naturally

Discover and learn how native Arabic speakers talk to each other in real life. No dry, unnatural textbook dialogues.

Only 100% authentic material here.

Travel And Communicate With Confidence

Be prepared to land in the Middle East or North Africa well equipped with the local language that everybody uses.

Hit the ground running!

New content frequently added.

  • audio lesson

    High Quality Audio Lessons and Podcasts

    Listen to high quality Arabic audio lessons designed to improve your conversation and listening skills.

    Learn the right way to speak colloquial Arabic.

  • video

    HD Video + Arabic/English Subtitles and Screencasts

    Watch and learn from HD videos of native Arabic speakers interacting in their own variety of Arabic on a range of highly interesting and relevant topics.

    Switch back and forth between English and Arabic subtitles with ease.

  • Lessons

    Downloadable Lesson Notes and Transcripts

    Read and print high quality lesson notes to help you study, and follow along with the transcripts.

    No more guessing what the native speakers are saying - all the work is done for you.

  • Vocab

    Vocabulary and Conversation Modules

    Learn how to communicate on a range of culturally relevant topics by learning the words and expressions that matter.

Learn How to Say How Are You In Arabic

Arabic has many diverse varieties.
Click the buttons to hear some differences!





‬ ‫كيف‬ ‫حالك؟


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Other books and resources with low quality material can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars in comparison.

Not to mention the wasted time and sheer frustration you'll experience. on the other hand is a gold mine for Arabic learning material that you won't find anywhere else and is only a fraction of the price of most books and courses.

AND it never gets old.

We're constantly adding new and interesting learning material for you to use.

This site is exactly what Arabic learners all around the world have been asking for.

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  • A say over the kind of content we add next. Member requests are our number 1 priority.
  • BONUS: Hundreds of high quality, downloadable MP3's.
  • BONUS: Exclusive lesson modules and dialogues that teach you all the vocabulary and expressions needed to communicate on a range of topics.
  • BONUS: Access to an exclusive learner forum to engage with other learners.
  • BONUS: Content for every major variety of Arabic, including Egyptian, Levantine, Iraqi, Sudanese, Tunisian, Saudi, Algerian and Moroccan.

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If you want to learn to speak Arabic then the answer is yes.

This site will provide you with frequently updated content and the highest quality material for learning to speak Arabic available anywhere online. There is no other site as comprehensive and focused as this one when it comes to teaching spoken Arabic.

If you have a specific country in mind in the Middle East or North Africa, or would just like to get speaking Arabic as fast as possible then this for you.

Is the content of the other dialects useful to me even if I’m learning another dialect?

Yes absolutely.

While it’s certainly true that dialects can differ quite a lot with certain words and expressions (especially North African dialects), it’s very good for your Arabic to get acquainted early on with the way things are said by Arabic speakers from different regions. is the perfect tool to help you do this.

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