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How to say ‘never’, ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ and ‘always’ in Egyptian Arabic

14 December 2015
Talk In Arabic

Today you’re going to learn how to use four adverbs of frequency in colloquial Egyptian Arabic.

New words:

  • Never (at all) 
  • Sometimes
  • Often 
  • Always

Sample sentences:

  • I never eat pork (at all).
  • Sometimes I go swimming.
  • often call my mother.
  • always go to the cinema.
Often / A lot

I never go to Aswan
انا مش بروح اسوان ابدا
I never like seeds (food)
انا مابحبش اللب ابدا

Sometimes I play sport
احيانا بالعب رياضة
Sometimes I go to the cinema
انا بروح السنما احيانا
I practice often / a lot
انا بتمرن كتير

I always visit my grandmother
انا دايما بزور جدتي
I always drink coffee in the morning
انا دايما بشرب قهوة الصبح
  • Nina

    This seems good, but is this for free? And I’d like to learn the Syrian accent which was not a choice

  • Salma AbuAssab

    or Levantine dialect!

  • Patrick Baggett

    What about using ساعات as “sometimes”? I heard that أحيانًا was more stuffy. Maybe someone from Egypt can explain the difference.

    • Mona

      Both are used! ساعات and أحياناً to mean sometimes

      I really use both! I don’t feel that أحياناً is stuffy. 🙂